Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why Wearing Rodeo Chaps is a Must during Rodeo Activity?

Rodeo chaps are always in demand when it comes to participating in rodeo activity. Let’s know more about this interesting rodeo outfit. 

What are Rodeo Chaps?

Chaps are basically the sturdy covering that are meant for protecting the legs. Made of using fine quality leather, these are especially designed to provide protection to the rider. Its distinctive coloring pattern makes it a noticeable piece of the entire bull rider’s outfit. 

How do they work?

They are carefully spread across the rider’s leg. Nowadays, these chaps are available in a variety of designs that makes it look more stylish while providing protection.

How they are used?

Rodeo chaps are recommended to be worn over thick leg pieces along with a hip level fitting. They come in a variety of competition chaps like shogun, bat wings and chinks. Riders can pick the one as per their choice and enjoy rodeo activity without any fear. Usually, they fit over the jeans and are made up of cowhide. These leather chaps help in protecting the riders from nasty injuries during the sport no matter if it is angry horns or others. 

Chaps also help in safeguarding the legs of the users from the daily environmental hazards. These can be adorned with sponsor’s logos. They play a vital role in protecting the cowboys against the bull’s horns as well as hooves. 

 Variety and Styles Available!

These are available in different forms and styles to serve as a fashion statement for the bull riders. Competition chaps have now become quite commercialized with more people willing to take part in the sport.

Cowhide is the most popular type of material that is widely used for making rodeo chaps. This well-tanned leather is first dyed and then split to ensure a supple leather cloth to enable riders with easy movement.

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