Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ride Safe with Bull Riding Vests!

Ride safe, be secure. Do not ride unprotected! Invest in the latest protective bull riding vest. It is quite a dangerous sport in the rodeo events. The bull riding game requires flexibility, coordination, high spirit and courage to compete.

Bull riders use a lot of equipment to avoid injuries and be safe like bull ropes, chaps, gloves, helmets and boots but the safety vests are common and essential for the rodeo arena. They protect your vital body parts against any harm or physical injury. Typically, the vests are made of high impact foam and leather.

 Made from the finest quality of leather, the vests at Rodeomart are stylish and comfortable. The inner features are made from high tech material that allows for easy motion of the rider with his arms and ensure a cooler ride. High density foams which are soft and breathable, absorbs and lessens the impact. The extremely light weight ones offer comfort and flexibility while still providing the much needed protection.

The top quality stitching and fit finish provides for excellent performance.You can get customised vests made which gives you the required body coverage and protection. With zippers for easy access and a variety of adjustable features the vests are super light and make you competition ready. Choose from a number of designs to look sturdy and great at the same time. Customise it with your favourite colour piping or personal monograms.

Know your vest size and the design you want. When buying, be assured of the material and measurements because you have to perform better and last longer in the game. You can go for a softer feel if you do not want to feel as if you are wearing something or you can choose a heavier one for that extra protection.

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