Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Bull Riding Vest – A Safeguarding Tool before a Fashion Garb!

You must have seen people dare stand before an angry bull for a given number of seconds, and wondered how. Well! You must know, then, that these people carry the necessary equipment to protect themselves. The equipment does not remain confined to just the tools, but stretches to their attire, which includes their bull riding vest too.

That’s right! It’s no normal vest. In fact, it has a purpose on that field with the bull. If you have an eye for every minor detail, you will notice that no single bull rider will ride it sans a vest. The rider’s purpose is not to enhance their appearance. Rather, he is ensuring his safety. Who would have the guts to face the sharp horns of a bull otherwise? No one likes to be stabbed intentionally, of course.
The bull riding vest does not ensure protection from every single attack, but it largely safeguards the person against some potentially treacherous incidents.

Further, the shock-absorbing feature of the special vest spreads the thrust of hooves of the bull in a wider area, thereby helping diminish the peril of a grave wound. It is clearly tough to get down the bull cleanly and easily, which is why anything that could help prevent a major accident is best to use.

Now that you are aware of the importance of a bull riding vest, you will likely notice the next time what all a bull rider is wearing.

Whatever it is that you will observe will be there for a reason. Be it hat, gloves, or the rope. Everything is there to protect the riders in some way or the other. Before you look at any of their outfit pieces as a style statement, know that it is a promising lifesaver that’s helping them fight the deadly bull. 

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