Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Critical Need to Stress on Quality Bull Riding Gear

Bull riding, by many, has been considered as an extreme sport. There are sportsmen or the riders who live and breathe bull riding. Rodeos are fearless and practically live for the sport. They understand that there are risks involved in it but stand by their love for it. There are also times when the charm of the game wins over the need of safety. There are more rodeos without the helmet than those who actually wear one.

Bull riding gear is an important aspect of safety during a rodeo event. Most bull riders put on a variety of safety gear including helmet, bull riding vest, bull rope, glove, spurs, and more. However, it has also been seen that either cowboy hats are also frequently used in place of the helmet or the vest used to cover the vital body organs is light-weight or low on quality. There are many factors that are involved in the safety assurance of a bull ride. Negligence over safety gear or preference over safety can be dangerous for the riders. Rodeos are advised across American continents and Europe to focus on the safety gear and equipment for bull riding. Some of the unfortunate events such as the tragic death of young rodeos like Anthony “Stoney” Covington from Nespelem, Wash are some glaring examples of poor bull riding safety measures.

Bull riding is real sportsmen’s delight much due to its raw appeal and fearlessness. Rodeo events have been easily rated as one of the fastest growing sporting spectacles in the United States after their native popularity in Spain and Mexico. With immense scope, potential and following of the sport across the continents, it is important that safety is given top priority at all aspects and levels including high school rodeo and youth bull riding events.

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