Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Bull Riding Vest - Style Statement and Protective Gear

Bull riding is a dare-devil act and commands a lot of respect for the machismo on display! There are a variety of accessories that are used by the rider and most of them perform as protective gear. The bull riding vest is one of the crucial accessories that not only offer protection but are a style statement of the rider. 

Rodeo is a competitive sport that is immensely popular in Spain, Mexico and also extending to United States in the recent times. The growing frenzy for the sport can be attributed to the rush and adventure associated with the sport along with the brave hearts that compete in such a skilled and top gear sport. 

The bull riding vest in many ways offers protection to the rider from high falls as well as protects the rider’s rib cage and the vital organs from the sharp horns of the bull. The bull horns are incredibly heavy and sharp; they can cause excessive damage to the rider. It is one of the important accessories and a regular in a bull rider’s wardrobe. A rider competing at Rodeo especially ensures that they have efficient bull riding vest in their collection.  

A vest of a bull rider is either worn on the shirt or under it. No matter how the bull rider wears it, it is important for the rider to use only top quality vests for the rodeo. Many of us might believe that the gear adds to the overall charm and appeal of the rider and that he looks exquisitely charismatic in it, the vest actually plays an important role in protecting the bull rider from injury and also during fall.

The sharp and strong horns of the bulls are the biggest risks of a bull rider. Some of the best and most enthusiastic riders find it tough to escape the sharp horns at the rodeo. The adrenaline rush of the sport and the roaring crowd adds to the thrill. However, it is crucial that the bull rider is equipped well and geared up for the show. This is precisely where top quality and efficient bull riding vests play a major part.

If you are a bull rider or you have your team at the front, you want them to be safe and protected. You want nothing short of the very best gear and protection accessories in place for your team. The bull riding vest ensures that unfortunate accidents such as impaling can be avoided at best. The vest offers a barrier and a strong protection against the rough and sharp horns of the bull.

Many of us might think that the bull riding vest may not be the best solution when it comes to competing at the rodeo. However, the thick layer of protection of the vest actually reduces the risk of an injury to a great extent during the event and also at the time of practice or rehearsal.

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