Friday, July 3, 2015

Ride in Comfort and Style with Perfect Rodeo Chaps

With a right and proper Rode gear, make sure that you have complete focus on your 8 second ride and Bull riding being the dangerous sport, as a rider you need full protection from head to toe! Chaps are essential when it comes to protection- they are made of thick, fine quality leather which covers the legs and thighs. Also, Chaps are a part of the costume and the riders wear it to look good. Their distinctive coloring and pattern add flair to the sport. The rider has sponsor’s logo on the chaps and so, they also become a prime marketing spot.

Choose the Chaps carefully that will keep you protected and comfortable in your sport. Read on to make sure what exactly you would need:

·        Style: There are a plethora of styles when it comes to Chaps. There are all kinds of styles to suit every rider’s need. For instance, Chinks, Batwing Chaps, Woolies, Armitas and so on. The leather quality too is an important factor ensuring comfort and durability. The quality of the leather is measured in millimeters or ounces; an ideal length to go for is between 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm and for a tough, superior leather it has to be 1.7 -- 2.0 mm

·        Features of the Chaps: If you need Chaps for everyday use, then perhaps extra detailing such as fringes, multi color, fancy leg straps are not required as they would only adds to the cost. The Chaps have to be flexible and strong enough to protect the rider’s leg and also help in easy movement on the bull. You can however, have custom made Chaps regarding colors, fringes and less detailing like lamination of metallic leather and fringes

·        Quality and Comfort: Since the Chaps are to protect you from any thigh or leg injury during the event, you should always go for convenient and durable product. They can be light or heavy. You can go for Saddle Bronc Chaps which are heavy so that your leg is fully protected or you can go for Bareback Chaps that are light weight to ensure comfortable movement.

If you choose to opt for custom Chaps, make sure you are sure of the weight, color and most important the size. You can add adjustable roller buckles for quick on and off. Look for the price range also. They should not be too expensive. Choose carefully in accordance to your style statement and high end quality.  

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