Saturday, April 25, 2015

8 Seconds to Glory the Rodeo Bull Riding

Definitely the most dangerous yet a wild, exciting event at any rodeo is Bull Riding. It is the fastest growing sport in the United States going back to 16th century. It is a battle of will and spirit between the rider and the bull.

It is essentially the sport where the rider – a cowboy tries to remain mounted on the bull while the bull tries to buck him or her off. A bull rider is disqualified if he or she touches the bull with his or her free hand. It almost feels like a car crash, it happens so fast like an adrenaline rush! Though, it is quite exciting to watch, yet this 8 second event is an undeniably rough sport. The risks are obvious and serious injury is always a possibility. The winner is judged on the basis of how both the rider and the animal have performed. The riding is scored from o to 100 points. Bull riding requires the following basic equipment for an amazing experience as well as for safety:

· Cowboy Hat

· Protective Vest

· Boots

· Leather Chaps

· Bull Ropes

· Spurs

The Bull rope is the only security as the rider rides the wild beast. Your hand should be tightly closed over the hand during your ride.

The three kinds of bull riding that still exist are Tierra Caliente which is the most common; Charro- the riders ride only small bulls or large calves and Colima is the deadliest since the rider is positioned in such a way that they can pitch forward onto the bull’s horns. The game requires balance, flexibility, courage and coordination. After all, it is not an easy to face a two thousand pound bull unless one is well prepared mentally and physically. Technique is the key!

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